Making daddy proud as a role model

As a parent it’s always a proud moment when you’re son or daughter comes home from nursery or school with an award, like Star of the Week or something similar, but when it’s awarded for something that’s very important to you personally then it becomes worthy of even more pride.

Such a thing happenStar of the weeked for me just yesterday, I got home from work and NJ, proud as punch himself, produced a Star of the Week certificate – in itself a really great thing for him to get. But when I read on the back what he’d been presented it for it truly made my day. The note on the back, from his teacher, read: “For being a really great role model. NJ always helps his friends to do the right thing.” We’re always talking to him about being well behaved, helping people and having good manners, although we’re very mindful of his still young age and that often this is hard for him to remember. I also talk to him about being someone for others to look up to, such as his little brother, as well as his friends at nursery and elsewhere. So for him to come home with a certificate for doing exactly that, and when we’re not even there, made me very proud indeed.

Maybe we’re doing something right after all!

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