What to do during a global crisis #1 – resurrect your blog!

There’s nothing like a global crisis to get your blogging juices back up and running is there?!
Having been working from home for a week now, then the kids school’s closed and now the UK is joining several other countries on being on lockdown, these are indeed unprecedented times we are living in.

What I do know to be true however is that those of us that are parents have a responsibility to make sure that our children not only continue their schooling as much as we can whilst at home but more importantly – we must ensure that they feel safe. They must continue to feel loved. And we must keep on helping them continue being kids.

Lots of time for reflection is coming up and I feel I’m going to need a channel to share some thoughts and feelings, along with cool things that my mind is working through these days such as dad style, working practices and how all these things fit in with my life as a dad to two young boys, now 8 and 5.

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