Making the most of time

Contrary to what I talked about in my last post, The Daddy Complex, this week has been full of the cub being a definite daddy’s boy! And yes, I’ve loved it! (The only negative has been my evil throat infection).

Last week we were on holiday in Spain along with my parents-in-law, their best friends and their daughter and grand-daughter, so it was quite a busy time for him, with lots of people to fuss over him and play with him.

This week, back in grey old England, we were back to the three of us and on the evenings where daddy day care kicks in I’ve had some lovely moments of cuddles and snuggles and kisses and playing and having fun and rough-housing and laughing and… you get what I mean, I could go on.

The main message for me was that this week felt different. And it lasted all week. And it could change at any second.

And that’s why, and I’ve said it before, you have to make the absolute most of every moment you have with your little ones, and anyone else that you care about come to think about it. Whether daddy’s in favour or not, I could literally sit and watch this little boy for hours and not get bored! Spending time with him at whatever level just feels like what I was brought here to do. And once more, I’m never going to get back this time.

It’s easy, I guess, in the fast-paced world that we live in, to take moments when he’s playing on his own and check FaceBook and Twitter or my emails or whatever, maybe read a book, anything really, and there’s nothing wrong with that… but I often chide myself if I do when I realise I could’ve been spending it doing some with him. Or maybe even just watching him.

Make the most of your time people. It doesn’t last that long. Gather your moments when you can. Record memories, in a journal, take photos and video, gather memorobilia from things you’ve done together.
Just make the most of it.

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