Back to Skool – cameras at the ready!

So this week is Back To School week, NJ starts his first year at primary school moving into the reception class and full time schooling in just a couple of days. He seems really excited but I’m not really sure how I feel about it all yet.


Anyway, as you’ll no doubt be aware of, this is the time of year when our social media timelines become full of pictures of all our friend’s children starting their new year at school, starting new schools, moving up, starting school all that stuff.


I see quite a few posts around that suggest, perhaps tongue in cheek, that some people get tired of seeing all these posts but I’m going to jump right in and say that I love it. I love to see all my friends that are really embracing parenting and are so proud to see their children going through the various stages of education that they want to share it with others. I am firmly in that camp. I love to see other people’s photos, and I enjoy sharing mine, because I am proud to see my kids growing up and love it when people validate me doing so by liking and sharing. Long may it continue – I’ve got at least another 12 or so years to go!


Ahead of NJ’s return in a couple of days time, here’s a photo of his first day in uniform when he started nursery!
NJ starts nursery
Will you be sharing your children’s first day photos? What are your thoughts on the whole social media swamping? Love it or hate it?

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