Great result for Father and Son chat #1

NJ goes to a nursery, for one day a week, that is based on campus at my wife’s place of work.
When he turned two he moved up in to a new room there, with bigger kids and different staff and no doubt a different routine. Every time she’s dropped him off, since he moved up, he’s cried and screamed and refused to go in, resulting in Helen having to take him in to his old room to start with and then the staff coaxing him across as the morning progresses.

On a Wednesday, the day he goes to nursery, I always get him up dressed and fed, so that it’s not as much of a stress for Helen.

Today we went downstairs as usual and had our breakfast as father and son. (Weetabix with honey for him, a mushroom omelette for me if your interested).
I talked to him today about nursery.
Was he going to go straight in to his room like a big boy, with no crying?
He’d be able to play with the toys he likes wouldn’t he?
Mummy will see what a big boy he is when she drops him off with no crying won’t she?
All of which resulted in positive responses from him over his Weetabix.

As I left for work, we had our customary kiss and cuddle and, along with my usual “See you later, Love you” to him, I threw in a “Have a good day at nursery won’t you”, to which the reply was, “Yeeess! See you later Daddy”

My text from Helen, later on in the morning, said “Whatever you said to NJ this morning must have worked because he just went straight into his new room. No fuss x”


Now I’m not sure if it really was our Father/Son chat over breakfast, or if it was just the planets aligning accordingly today.
I’m taking credit anyway!

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